Mikhail (Misha) Zolotov

Research Professor at the

School of Earth and Space Exploration Arizona State University


Research interests: behavior of volatiles (water, S, C, H, N, and halogens) and oxidation-reduction processes in atmospheres and lithospheres of Mars and Venus, on Mercury, dwarf planet Ceres, Galilean satellites of Jupiter, icy moons of Saturn, aqueously altered parent bodies of chondritic meteorites (asteroids) and in the solar accretion disc.


Methods: Theoretical physical-chemical analysis, computer modeling, interpretation of spacecraft and telescopic data


Solar system objects

Solar system processes



         Solar nebula and parent bodies of chondrites

         Mars and Martian meteorites

         Jupiter's icy moon Europa

         Icy moons of Saturn


         Jupiter's satellite Io

         Water-rock interactions

         Gas-mineral interactions

         Volcanic degassing

         Inorganic-organic interactions and astrobiology


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Office phone: (480) 965-4739

Fax:  (480) 965-8960

E-mail:  zolotov@asu.edu

Office: Bateman Physical Science Building (PSF-650b)

Dr. Mikhail Zolotov

School of Earth and Space Exploration

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 85287-1404, USA